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Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch

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Product Description
The Samsung Gear Sport can do so much more than simply connect to your smartphone. Receive texts and smartphone notifications via Bluetooth and connect to your laptop to seamlessly control your presentations. Pair with your Gear VR to use as a controller, or even control your smart lighting using the Samsung Connect widget.

Your own fitness centre

Use Samsung Health on your smartphone to stream exercise videos. Gear Sport lets you monitor your heart rate on the same screen so you aren't constantly looking at your wrist. Select from a growing list of over 60 different workouts, while your device guides you through the motions and trains you for consistent improvement.

Work out to your favourite tracks

Compatible with Spotify offline, your Gear Sport saves your playlists so you can enjoy your favourite music whether you're online or not. Just pair your Bluetooth headphones directly to your device, and control music with the device's bezel and touchscreen.

Continuous heart-rate monitoring

Your Samsung Gear Sport monitors your heart-rate every second of the day to understand your fitness level. Get accurate data including calories burned during particular activities. As it gets to know you it becomes more intuitive, telling you when you've entered your maximum, vigorous and moderate zones.

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